Flood & Water Damage

Blizzard damage, pipe breaks, overflowing toilets, indoor waterfalls – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are who you can depend on if you find yourself in a catastrophe. So if you find your ceiling falling in, or you are up to your knees in water from who-knows-where, click or call Property Solutions. We will get there immediately to Repair and Restore your house.



Be aware there are several categories of water damage and we are prepared for them all.

  1. Clean: Category 1 water which is usually flowing into your appliances or sinks. This was generally clean, potable water which has flown out through a broken line before its intended destination.
  2. Grey: Category 2 water that typically comes from appliances like dishwashers. Usually this is used water that comes from a broken appliance, a line from the appliance. Any water which is possibly contaminated should be considered Category 2.
  3. Black: Category 3 water is the dirtiest, it is sewage backup from a toilet or septic system. This water poses a direct threat to you and your loved ones’ health and should be isolated and removed immediately. It is a breeding ground for microorganisms and full of toxins.

And now, let’s talk preparation, because no one wants water damage to happen. First and foremost, know where your water valves around the house, especially your primary shutoff that turns of water in the entire house. The primary is typically located near the main water pipe heading into your house (check the kitchen, basement, or utility room). On a related note, you probably want to turn off any electricity to the area so no one accidentally gets electrocuted. If you are renting, contact your property manager immediately and let them know the problem. They’ll contact whoever they have contracted to perform the repairs. However if you are the home owner, contact a licensed water damage mitigation company like Property Solutions to come assess and handle the situation. We will do a free estimate and begin work immediately. We work closely with your insurance to maximize how much information you have about the status of the repairs. It is, after all, your home.

Sometimes, a plumber or a mitigation-only company will come out and handle some of the damage. They will fix basic plumbing issues, do some carpet dryout, and tear out some drywall. Don’t settle for one of these half-rate companies. Prefer someone who can handle your home from a Day-1 emergency, all the way to being perfectly restored. That is why we keep all the necessary skill-sets on staff for water damage mitigation, mold prevention, and complete reconstruction.  Our team knows the industry from all angles, prevention, insurance, property management, emergency repairs and mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction.

“Property Solutions really did an amazing job. My house had sewage backup and you would never know it now. They got us back in our house so fast. My house looks brand new and and I couldn’t be happier with the job. These guys actually care about their clients and they treat them like family. Really great job guys!”

Charles N.

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