Novel Corona Virus, COVID-19 and Professional Disinfection Services


Colorado Springs Disinfection Services have taken as serious increase as people take professional measures to keep their business operational, and to protect their loved ones at home. If you are interested in having professional disinfection done in your home or offices, call us today and we will begin regular servicing over the upcoming months.


Our Certified Team can have your homes or business disinfected in as little as 2 hours.

As cases continue to grow exponentially, it becomes all the more important that people take proactive steps to having their businesses professional disinfected in order to keep their doors open. Regular treatment is the best contribution we can make in reducing the spread.

At Property Solutions Colorado, we have a Microbiologist on staff, and a certified team ready to protect your home of office. People in Colorado Springs deserve the best, and we will stand beside them in this time of need.

We provide both ongoing disinfection for homes and businesses, or one-time deep cleaning for places that have had exposure to someone with the illness. Call us to schedule an appointment.


We encourage everyone not to panic, but instead to be proactive. Follow the information provided by the CDC located here.

If you are interested in seeing how the disease spreads, please look at these images.

Generally the Corona Virus is easy to kill, and has been around for a long time. This new strain is the result of a mutation which has made it more hazardous to the elderly, people with respiratory diseases, or weak immune systems.

Measures like social distancing and travel bans are in place to prevent contagion.

At this time, we should learn the skills and abilities to adapt our lifestyles and prevent the spread of disease. We can protect those who cannot protect themselves with some pro-activity, and some empathy. Thank you for enduring this together, and call is if you have any questions.

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