Corona Disinfection

Bars are closed. Restaurants are closed. Colorado Springs has declared a State of Emergency, and infection is still likely to spread. The fact is, social distancing measures are only likely to slow the viruses progression, not stop it. Unless we take measures to protect ourselves, we could endanger people who are at risk. Particularly the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions.

A full list is available at the CDC website.

Changes to our way of life which slow the spread require new habits, things to be mindful of, more time to plan, and looking to new places for things we have come to expect – like toilet paper. Walking into stores that have been dependent on China as their supplier makes you think of how fragile the supply chain could really be.


 To keep in operation, businesses need to reduce traffic by having people work from home, and conducting business over the phone. But many services still require face to face contact. To that end, regular disinfection is needed.

The Corona virus is easily destroyed with with the correct chemicals and treatment. Depending on the amount of traffic in your business, we recommend a list of cleaning procedures, rotating staff hours in the office, and weekly, or bi-weekly disinfection. If your business intends to adapt to the current risk, call us for a consult and we will have you operational again.

If your home has been exposed to someone who was ill or presumed to have the virus, we can provide a low-cost disinfection service to protect the people you love.

Bomb Cyclone

We were told the schools were closed, the roads were closed, and the government offices were closed, but at 8am March 13th everything looked fine. A slight drizzle, but nothing as severe as all the news outlets were blaring their horns about. I figured worst case scenario it was going to get a little snowy out there. Maybe I’d be shoveling some in the evening.

Then 930am rolled around and things started to change. Rain turned to snow, but it was still warm enough to melt on the ground. It was pretty wet out there. We went from wet, to sleet, to snowfall. Then the snow went from falling more or less straight down, to blowing horizontally. 

And an hour later it was a full on blizzard with whiteout conditions. The temperature dropped and all that water turned to ice, and snow the snow kept blowing in. What businesses had remained open, sent their customers and employees home to try to avoid disaster on the roads but there was a 50 car pile-up on the interstate and many roads became impassible. Many people had to be bussed out of their trapped vehicles.

Normally in conditions like this, you expect things like frozen pipes, ice-dams to cause backup, or melting drifts to cause flooding in a house with a negative slope (or grading). We heard some of that. But the real surprise was what happened after the storm, and the following 2 days of melting.

So first, let’s talk about this picture.

Those little vents you see there are called soffit vents. They are installed into the underside of your home’s eaves (called the soffit) which let outside air flow through your attic. Cooler fresh air is drawn up through the soffit at the base of your roof and hot and humid air is expelled through the roof vents at the top. It prevents humidity causing wood damage or rot, and is good design feature in your home.

We are all on the same page about it.

 A couple of days later, a man noticed his chandelier was dripping. Then he noticed the ceiling was wet and leaking, even though it was a bright beautiful day outside. The dripping got worse. 30 minutes later there was a crashing sound in his bedroom, and when he got there, he found his entire ceiling had fallen in. The water had softened the sheet-rock to mush. He had a flooded attic. A flooded attic?


So he called Property Solutions. When we got there, our team crawled into the attic to see what happened. Was it a broken water line? Was there a reservoir somewhere? His neighbors saw our truck, and came over to ask for help because their attic was flooded too. How did all these people’s attics get flooded? We saw it.

You already know.

The “bomb cyclone” had such high winds, that it actually drove snow up into soffit vents all over Colorado Springs. When the snow began to melt, the piles of snow sitting on top of peoples insulation soaked it and seeped into the wood and drywall underneath, collapsing ceilings and running down walls. Now many-thousand cubic feet of insulation acted like a soaked sponge, dripping water into the houses.

So we hit the ground running. We had people and equipment in almost a dozen homes within hours. Pure teamwork in a pretty crazy situation. There were fans and insulation extractors everywhere, crews in attics for days trying to reduce damage. At first the insurance companies were baffled by the explanation, but by the end generally did right by the homeowners.

There is a story to be told though, about making sure your insurance company is willing to be who they say they are in the face of disaster but that’s for another time.


Why, of anything we could do, did we choose Restoration? We love that question.

      Construction is arguably the most human thing we do. It is growth and change. It is the frontier between us, and the world. It is how we shape the world, but also how the world shapes us in return. In building, most often the form follows function. Roads are expanded as traffic increases and need arises. Neighborhoods grow as populations do. Wires are laid with new power sources or internet providers.

     It’s all growth. Just like your body. The human body adapts to the world, it responds to our environment: our exercise, our diet, our stresses, our jobs. It also heals. When you are hurt, when something is broken, we come back together. A burn or a cut will scar. A bone will knit and mend. A tear will become whole. We learn from our hurts and usually continue on stronger for them.

What Restoration is, what we do is, healing.

When a house is filled with ash, or water, when a building is a shell instead of a business or a home, we do our jobs – to Restore. We bring peace from the pieces. We rebuild and reshape. We let you know that someone cares about the life you’ve built, and then we do all we can to give it back to you.

So that is Restoration, and our answer, for why we do what we do everyday, 24/7.

Have an emergency? Be a Hero! Get prepared!


What happened? What to do? Who to CALL?! Well, clearly PROPERTY SOLUTIONS because we are experts and we care about you and your home. But you could also call upon handy neighbors (not handsy though), a pack of highly trained carpenter ants (or just carpenters), and even  Plumbing breaks, Pipes burst, water heaters crack, weather pounds the house, or some disaster happens that no one saw coming, and your house is suddenly a swimming pool. It happens, and when it happens – it’s serious. You need immediate action, and you need to know some risks. So here is what you do!

  1. Turn off the water, or block its flow into the house. Know where your main water valve is in the home beforehand so you can act quickly in an emergency. Being a hero often just means being prepared.
  2. Turn off the electricity. If you cannot get to the fuse box without walking through water, call an emergency company like Property Solutions. We will have a licensed electrician arrive quickly.
  3. Evacuate the area. Make sure everyone, people, kids, and animals are accounted for and unhurt. Some pipes carry dirty water that can harm you. Don’t let your pets or thirsty children drink the water.
  4. Call for help. If you have not already contacted us, or have decided to settle for some other professional, now is the time to do so. Make sure they are certified, licensed, and able to work with your insurance.
  5. Document everything, both for yourself, and the insurance company. It’s natural to want to get in and clean up immediately, but the extent of the damage needs to be recorded to ensure your replacement is covered.
  6. Mitigation. Emergency services stabilize the environment and prevent further damage. Extraction, controlled demolition, dry-out, and moisture mapping will all be performed at this step.
  7. Reconstruction phase. Your professionals will do the necessary repairs to bring your property back to pre-loss condition. Replacement, rebuilding, mold prevention, and more. In other words, we will make it as good as new!
  8. Enjoy your life. Accidents and Tragedy will happen. Preparedness reduces the impact, but what we focus on also changes how we react. You will get through this, and continue your beautiful life.

Property Solutions is a mitigation and restoration company. That means we mitigate, or minimize the damage done, and then we restore the home to what it was before. Often, we even make it better than it was before because we believe in quality, and growth.

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