Have an emergency? Be a Hero! Get prepared!


What happened? What to do? Who to CALL?! Well, clearly PROPERTY SOLUTIONS because we are experts and we care about you and your home. But you could also call upon handy neighbors (not handsy though), a pack of highly trained carpenter ants (or just carpenters), and even¬† Plumbing breaks, Pipes burst, water heaters crack, weather pounds the house, or some disaster happens that no one saw coming, and your house is suddenly a swimming pool. It happens, and when it happens – it’s serious. You need immediate action, and you need to know some risks. So here is what you do!

  1. Turn off the water, or block its flow into the house. Know where your main water valve is in the home beforehand so you can act quickly in an emergency. Being a hero often just means being prepared.
  2. Turn off the electricity. If you cannot get to the fuse box without walking through water, call an emergency company like Property Solutions. We will have a licensed electrician arrive quickly.
  3. Evacuate the area. Make sure everyone, people, kids, and animals are accounted for and unhurt. Some pipes carry dirty water that can harm you. Don’t let your pets or thirsty children drink the water.
  4. Call for help. If you have not already contacted us, or have decided to settle for some other professional, now is the time to do so. Make sure they are certified, licensed, and able to work with your insurance.
  5. Document everything, both for yourself, and the insurance company. It’s natural to want to get in and clean up immediately, but the extent of the damage needs to be recorded to ensure your replacement is covered.
  6. Mitigation. Emergency services stabilize the environment and prevent further damage. Extraction, controlled demolition, dry-out, and moisture mapping will all be performed at this step.
  7. Reconstruction phase. Your professionals will do the necessary repairs to bring your property back to pre-loss condition. Replacement, rebuilding, mold prevention, and more. In other words, we will make it as good as new!
  8. Enjoy your life. Accidents and Tragedy will happen. Preparedness reduces the impact, but what we focus on also changes how we react. You will get through this, and continue your beautiful life.

Property Solutions is a mitigation and restoration company. That means we mitigate, or minimize the damage done, and then we restore the home to what it was before. Often, we even make it better than it was before because we believe in quality, and growth.

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