Bars are closed. Restaurants are closed. Colorado Springs has declared a State of Emergency, and infection is still likely to spread. The fact is, social distancing measures are only likely to slow the viruses progression, not stop it. Unless we take measures to protect ourselves, we could endanger people who are at risk. Particularly the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions.

A full list is available at the CDC website.

Changes to our way of life which slow the spread require new habits, things to be mindful of, more time to plan, and looking to new places for things we have come to expect – like toilet paper. Walking into stores that have been dependent on China as their supplier makes you think of how fragile the supply chain could really be.


 To keep in operation, businesses need to reduce traffic by having people work from home, and conducting business over the phone. But many services still require face to face contact. To that end, regular disinfection is needed.

The Corona virus is easily destroyed with with the correct chemicals and treatment. Depending on the amount of traffic in your business, we recommend a list of cleaning procedures, rotating staff hours in the office, and weekly, or bi-weekly disinfection. If your business intends to adapt to the current risk, call us for a consult and we will have you operational again.

If your home has been exposed to someone who was ill or presumed to have the virus, we can provide a low-cost disinfection service to protect the people you love.

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