Why, of anything we could do, did we choose Restoration? We love that question.

      Construction is arguably the most human thing we do. It is growth and change. It is the frontier between us, and the world. It is how we shape the world, but also how the world shapes us in return. In building, most often the form follows function. Roads are expanded as traffic increases and need arises. Neighborhoods grow as populations do. Wires are laid with new power sources or internet providers.

     It’s all growth. Just like your body. The human body adapts to the world, it responds to our environment: our exercise, our diet, our stresses, our jobs. It also heals. When you are hurt, when something is broken, we come back together. A burn or a cut will scar. A bone will knit and mend. A tear will become whole. We learn from our hurts and usually continue on stronger for them.

What Restoration is, what we do is, healing.

When a house is filled with ash, or water, when a building is a shell instead of a business or a home, we do our jobs – to Restore. We bring peace from the pieces. We rebuild and reshape. We let you know that someone cares about the life you’ve built, and then we do all we can to give it back to you.

So that is Restoration, and our answer, for why we do what we do everyday, 24/7.

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